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Over 40 Years of Trusted Appraisals in Puerto Rico

Now more than ever before, investors who want to purchase or sell a property in Puerto Rico must have a clear picture of the current volatile market. Our mission at Walter Rivera Appraisal Group is to provide you with the most intelligent appraisal whether you are buying, selling or just want to know the value of a property. With over 40 years experience providing quality appraisals, and consulting for the banking industry as well as consumers, we have earned a respectable standing in the appraisal business.

Etienne Rivera, SRA/RC135/1058EPA

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What types of appraisal services do you offer?

✔️ FHA appraisals
✔️ Single Family Appraisals
✔️ Condominium Appraisals
✔️ Multi Family Appraisals
✔️ Insurable Value Appraisal
✔️ Rent Studies
✔️ Absorption Rate Studies
✔️ Consulting
✔️ Review Appraisals
✔️ Desktop Appraisals

How can we contact you about a service?

By Phone:
787-767-5358 (Office)
787-364-3727 (Mobile)
By E-mail: info@tasador.com
Address: Walter Rivera Appraisal Group 115 calle D Cabrera San Juan, PR 00925-2303

How many acres is a cuerda?

✔️ Use our Cuerda to Acre Calculator
✔️ In Puerto Rico, a cuerda is a traditional unit of land area nearly equivalent to 3,930 square meters, or 4,700 square yards,
✔️ The term "Spanish acre" instead has been used sometimes by mainlanders.
✔️ How many acres are in a cuerda? The answer is: 0.97112414916596.

How quickly can you appraise my home?

Once the property gets inspected by one of our appraisers, the process will take 5-7 days. Complex property might add a few extra days.

Why should we hire your appraisal group?

✔️ Extremely knowledgeable about Puerto Rico market
✔️ Expert in condominiums
✔️ Over 40 years in the business
✔️ Fully SRA accredited
✔️ Trusted by the top 5 financial institutions in Puerto Rico

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"Walter Rivera Appraisal Group is the company I trust to handle all of my clients appraisal needs. They have provided great service during the last twenty years."

Lynn Rodgers - President -Puerto Rico Luxury Homes

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